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International Central Institute for Youth and Educational Television (IZI):

Aims and Issues

The Institute

The IZI wants to contribute to the understanding of the cultural meaning of television for children and young people and of the ways that television is embedded in the children's and young people's lives. In addition to that the IZI aims at contributing to the discussion of broadcasters' public service task and its current realisation as well as the social responsibility of the media in general.

The IZI is a department of the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation and was established in 1965. Together with the PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL the IZI is supported by the Association for the Promotion of International Youth Television. Members of the Association are the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation, the ZDF (German Public Broadcasting Company), the State of Bavaria, The City of Munich and the Bavarian Centre for the New Media (BLM).


The IZI conducts empirical research with regard to current programme formats and current issues in the field of children, youth and educational television. In cooperation with international researchers the IZI explores current and publicly relevant issues in order to supply editorial departments, programme planers, pedagogues, journalists and concerned associations with consolidated findings. You can find an overview of current as well as completed research activities here.


The IZI documents the literature, the research reports and information of any kind that is related to the planning, the production, the reception and the effects of children, youth and educational television.

The IZI generates an international database and runs a special library. In cooperation with further information institutions the IZI supplies the 'Information System Media Pedagogy' (Informationssystem Medienpädagogik - ISM) with parts of its bibliographical data pool.


The IZI publishes its research results in its own journal and in its own series.

  • Journal TELEVIZION (edited by IZI; German issue published twice a year, English edition published once a year)
  • Series TELEVIZION; published by KoPad Publishing House, Munich (in German)
  • Series 'Communication Research and Broadcasting' (in English)
  • Video Edition 'Watching television through childrens eyes' (in English)

You can find a detailed list of publications here.


The IZI organises national and international conferences as well as workshops at which researchers and programme producers are invited to work together in order to enhance the quality and attractiveness of children, youth and educational television. You can find an overview of past and future conferences here.

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The IZI is an institution of the Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation, BR)