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More about the IZI !
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The IZI library collects literature, reports and all sorts of information related to the thematic focus areas: children's, youth, and educational television. is the most extensive bibliographical database in the German-speaking context on the topics of children's, youth and educational television.

You find more than 13.500 references of books, periodical articles, university publications, research reports, conference papers and grey literature. offers a wide range of search strategies: In the simple search box you can start a full-text retrieval, in the expert search a thesaurus based search in English is available or via the indexes you can display alphabetically ordered lists from database fields.

The database is updated regularly.

For questions or suggestions please feel free to contact the head of IZI Documentation, Heike vom Orde.


The IZI is an institution of the Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation, BR)