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Educational Television around the World: International Expert Interviews (2008)

Based on problem-centred expert interviews with programming executives from public service broadcasters, independent broadcasters and broadcasters in the education sector, a questionnaire was produced that was filled in by 27 television producers from 26 channels in 20 countries. 


Educational television around the world is very varied, both in terms of each country’s specific educational needs and in terms of the very different kinds of educational programme on offer. Online products – from media archives to multi-media-based projects – are seen as a way of designing programmes in such a way that they have a long-term educational impact. However, television-based education provision is seen as offering good opportunities if it creates a number of supporting internet products for educational TV which relate content directly to the recipient’s life and milieu in new, entertaining formats. The relevant topics of educational television ensue from the prevailing social discourse and the educational needs in the respective country.