Overview: empirical research by the IZI


Research in progress
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Main research topics

Emotions and television
News coverage for children and adolescents
Educational television
Gender in children's and youth television
Migration, diversity and television
The significance of television characters
Television for television beginners
Trend research


Other research projects

 Explaining the Second World War and the Holocaust in an appropriate way 
 Classics of children's television 
Fairy tales
 Yalla Nehna – television for Syrian children 
“Powerful images“ which reinforce adolescents' identity development

The influence of the musical setting on the reception 
How do children experience films in stereoscopic 3D? 
What is quality? Quality criteria of children and producers
Religion in children's television
Children's and youth television between public discussion, market and everyday life
 The significance of daily soaps in children's and adolescents' everyday lives
Journalism for adolescents
Media and the make-believe worlds of children


Analysed formats and programmes

Target group up to 5/6 years
Target group 6/7 to 13 years
Target group 14 years and older


Programme discussions

Expert discussions