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Andrea Holler, Maya Götz
When children learn from children's television

A reception study with 195 German pupils investigated how children deal with educational programmes for sustainable development on television.

Dr. Maya Götz
Do men create different children's television than women?

A secondary analysis of the data from the study "Children's Television Worldwide 2: Gender Representation" looked at who had created programmes to investigate whether men invent different stories than women.

Genia Baranowski
Speaking the truth without instilling fear

This article provides an overview of children's programmes on German television, radio and the Internet on the topic of the war in Ukraine.


Karin Heisecke/Dr. Maya Götz
How to shift the gender ratio in television for children and adults

– A collection of ideas

Changing media landscapes –How do public broadcasters worldwide react to these changes?
– Programme makers worldwide were asked how they react to the changing media usage and habits of children.

Dr. Maya Götz
The self-presentation of influencers on Instagram and its significance for girls

– Summary of findings of a series of studies

A series of studies has investigated what characterizes the self-presentation of successful female influencers on Instagram, and what this can mean for the self-presentation of girls on Instagram.

Dr. Maya Götz/Eva Wunderer/Julia Greithanner/Eva Maslanka
„Why can't I be so perfect?“

–The significance of female influencers for the development of eating disorders

In a study, people being treated for eating disorders were asked what role influencers played in the development
of their illness – and in their life with it.