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Internationales Zentralinstitut
für das Jugend- und Bildungsfernsehen (IZI)

Rundfunkplatz 1
80335 München


Tel.:  +49/(0)89/59 00 429 91
Fax.: +49/(0)89/59 00 423 79
Email: izi(at)
Members of staff

Staff employed at IZI:

Dr. Maya Götz   Andrea Holler   Birgit Kinateder   Heike vom Orde                    

Freelance staff:

Margit Kühberger Caroline Mendel Michelle Schulz Elisabeth Stohl                

Dr. Maya Götz
Ph.D., M.A. pedagogy, teacher exam primary and secondary education (Hauptschule), doctoral thesis titled "Television in the Everyday-Life of Girls"

Head of IZI and PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL, empirical studies on "Daily Soaps", "Children’s Imagination and Television", "What Television Content Makes Children Laugh?", "Learning with Television" and "Journalism with Young People for Young People", "Children's and Young People's Favourite Characters", "Gender Stereotypes on Children’s Television", etc.


Telephon numbers and email addresses:

Dr. Maya Götz
Head of the IZI
+49/(0)89/59 00 - 422 64 Maya.Goetz(at)
Andrea Holler
Scientific Editor
+49/(0)89/59 00 - 429 91 Andrea.Holler(at)
Birgit Kinateder
Editorial Assistant
+49/(0)89/59 00 - 429 91 Birgit.Kinateder(at)
Heike vom Orde
Chief Documentalist
+49/(0)89/59 00 - 420 86 Heike.Orde(at)
Freelancers +49/(0)89/59 00 - 425 99

Our residence address:

Internationales Zentralinstitut
für das Jugend- und Bildungsfernsehen (IZI)

Seidlstrasse 30, 6th floor
80335 München

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